Assault and Sexual Assault Charges

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If you are facing assault charges in Winnipeg, the criminal defence lawyers at Bueti Wasyliw Wiebe can help. Our team stands ready to defend you.

Physical assault involves touching and unwanted physical contact. Sexual assault is an assault for a sexual purpose. A lawyer may be able to invoke one of may defences including self-defence, consent, or lack of proof, depending on the circumstances of the situation.

Lawyers for Criminal Assault Charges and Sexual Assault Cases

Winnipeg Criminal Lawyers Assault & Battery, Assault and Sexual Assault Charges and Domestic Violence Defense Lawyers Serving All of Winnipeg, Canada. Our Lawyers are knowledgeable and having extensive experience and handled a diverse range of situations in which sexual allegations can arise, they can apply their experience and knowledge to defend you against the most serious consequences. Assault and Sexual Assault Charges is a crime comes under the sexual act. So, Contact us for free consultation.

Penalties for Criminal Assault Charges

It is critical that you let the team from Bueti Wasyliw Wiebe prepare your case for trial; being found guilty of an assault can be punished by up to 14 years in prison. A criminal record will follow you wherever you go—although, once you have a violent crime or a weapons charge on your record, it’s unlikely you will be going anywhere outside of Canada.

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A violent crime conviction in Canada can stay with you forever. Our criminal defence lawyers can help you forge the future you want, unhindered by the stigma of an assault charge. Let us help. We know how to argue your case to have you found not guilty, have your sentence reduced—or even to have the charges against you dropped. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms says that you are innocent until proven guilty—and we’ll do our best to make sure that that doesn’t happen. Contact the legal professionals of Bueti Wasyliw Wiebe today.

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